Glow Up Games

is a games & creative tech company building the future of interactive entertainment.

We produce beautifully crafted games for growing, underserved audiences, building upon our unique storytelling platform.

For diverse players,

we create new worlds of possibility.

The Future is Female

We’re a powerhouse of executive experience and creative thought leadership. We’re also women of color.

Glow Up Games is founded in the belief that the games and entertainment industry frequently forget about the narrative power of voices outside of the mainstream. The three of us – Mitu Khandaker, Tara Mustapha, and Latoya Peterson – spent the last decade shaping entertainment through innovative applications of technology and distinctive storytelling. By combining our talents, we seek to advance the industry by centering overlooked voices and leveraging new technologies to craft more powerful experiences.

Dr. Mitu Khandaker

CEO, Director for Technology

A seasoned game designer, programmer, and entrepreneur, Mitu worked on acclaimed systemic narrative indie game Redshirt & was part of the founding team at game AI tools company Spirit AI. A vocal advocate for thoughtful games, tech and stories with respect to race, gender & identity, she holds a PhD on game interactivity, and is on faculty at NYU Game Center.

Latoya Peterson

CXO, Director for the Culture

A television veteran specializing in emerging technology, Peterson was an award winning race and culture writer for major outlets like the New York Times, NPR, Jezebel and Kotaku as well as a three-time judge for the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Tara Mustapha

CDO, Director for Creative Production

Tara has a deep and varied work history in games. Her diverse design and production portfolio is made up of over 15 successfully shipped projects ranging from AAA sports games to F2P MMOs to mixed reality games. She is the founder of Code Coven, an academy aimed at fixing the industry's gender diversity problem.

The Future is Playful

We create original and IP-based luxury games and storytelling experiences.

Advances in mobile technology have allowed for new experiences to be a part of our everyday lives. The growth of the social and free to play market as well as the growing potential in augmented reality and virtual reality ensures players are looking for unique and novel new experiences.

Glow Up Games designs experiences that feel welcoming and relatable to a variety of different players. We create original experiences and new worlds to explore, using our data-driven method to analyze areas of overlooked potential and new markets. We challenge outdated assumptions.

The Future is Diverse

We research and represent underrepresented majorities to illuminate their lives as players through a data focused approach.

Glow Up Games incorporates a data driven approach to understanding emergent (and established) markets, to quantifying preferences and tastes of many different types of players, and to publish research on gaming, play, gender, and race that advances the entire field.

In spite of the changing demographics of our increasingly global audience, there is still far too much we do not know about our player base. The mobile games industry is estimated to surpass $143 billion in 2020, the AR market is forecast to fetch close to $70 billion by 2023. While women represent at least 52% of the mobile games market, an estimated 43% of AR/VR device owners, there is frustratingly little known about what women want to play and why. Glow Up Games aims to provide answers.

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